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      Fujian Jinnuo Building Materials Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinnuo Group"), formerly known as Fujian Jinnuo Building Materials Co., LTD., was a private enterprise founded by the founder Mr. Xie Zengxiong in 2007.Now it has developed into a multi-functional green building materials industrial base covering more than 200 acre in Luoyuan and Qingkou development zones.It is a large-scale green building material industry integrating design, development, manufacturing, engineering application and integrated services.By the end of 2019, the company's total assets have exceeded 1 billion yuan, and its subsidiaries include Fujian Jinnuo Building Materials Co., LTD., Fujian Jinlv Metal Products Co., LTD., Fujian Rocabon Investment Co., LTD., Fujian Aiban Technology Co., LTD., and Fuzhou Three-color sign Engineering Co., LTD.As the cradle of fujian new building materials industry and the executive vice President of Fujian Building Materials Association, Jinnuo group has been consistently leading the development of Fujian new building materials industry in terms of brand, quality, technology and scale.Adhering to the core concept of "make good use of resources, service construction" and from the perspective of globalization, we are committed to providing healthy and environmentally friendly green building materials and energy-saving ecological living for the public.

      Jinnuo group will be active along the "The Belt and Road" layout.Through continuous innovation and development and deep integration of the "Internet +" thinking mode,in the new housing, trade services and other fields to build industry leading platform,to create a competitive and influential "Made in China" brand in the global market and create value for the public with excellent products and services.



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